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Why hello!

It’s been quite a long time and I apologize for my absence!  And let me tell you, it’s been a bit over-whelming in the world of photography.

There are scheduled shoots for senior photos, engagements, family, random couple shoots, and weddings!

In fact, the first wedding I’ve done was just last weekend of the 21st. I drove 14 hours to get there, and 14 hours to get home.  It’s an understatement to say that I was just a little nervous. I was a LOT nervous. Especially because it was raining all that morning. Thankfully the rain cleared up and we were able to go outside for a few of the photos. (Outside is my favorite!)


Here are a few from that shoot:

There you have it!


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So, autumn is going to be here really soon, and I’m getting kind of tired of the same old hair every day. These thoughts always make me nervous, because  I always want to change up my look, but I’m afraid of going drastic in fear that I’ll simply HATE it and not LOVE it like I did on the celebrity or model I saw the original cut on.

So, here’s my hair now….

Here’s what I’m thinking about…

Number 1.

Number 2.

Number 3 (just not blond)

Number 4/

Number 5

And number 6.

What do you think?

One thing for sure…I’ve been told shorter layers to pump up the volume. Also definitely a little shorter. Boob length is gonna have to change…it’s SUPER thick, and my hair is naturally wavy almost to the point to where it could be stretched out curls sometimes.

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A little about me

Okay, so I feel like I can’t leave such a down in the dusky dumps post like that…I need to post something somewhat happier before I go nuts!

So, how about a “get to know the author” post? Sound good? Okaygo!

1. First and foremost, I am a girl that belches like a trucker. Daddy’s pretty pretty princess! Most people think it’s crazy, but hey, might as well embrace the bodily functions since we’re sort of stuck with them for the rest of our lives.

2. I’m super duper picky about shoes. They have to fit a certain way, not rub on the back of my heels, or make my feet sweat. Otherwise, no sale. Weird, I know! Once I find a pair of shoes I love, I wear em’ until they’re scraps and just can’t make one more day!

3. I want a kitten, or, preferably THIS kind of kitten;

Blue eyes and all!

4. I have this love for tattoos, and I’m planning on getting my first one this summer, but truth be told, I’m kind of a chicken and always freak out and pull the mother guilt trip on myself that I KNOW my mother will throw at me if I were to mention it to her. BUT, all systems are go for the end of the summer…I just gotta go through with it!

5. I hardly ever leave my nails plain. They’re almost always painted.

6. I am addicted to starbucks.

7. I’m not a swimmer. I almost drowned when I was 6 years old at my friends birthday pool party, and all the adults just laughed at me when I yelled for help. If I’m at the beach, I’m tanning, walking, and hunting for seashells.

8. I lovelovelovelove to travel. Don’t get the opportunity very often, but when I do, I sure as heck love every minute of it!

9. I’ll be 22 this summer!

10. I make a gajillion lists all the time, regardless if I actually go off of them or not. I have at least 20 notebooks full of lists somewhere scattered throughout my room. (and my room isn’t that big either!)

11. I’m a former marching band kid, and I still do some of the little quirks because of it…but that’s okay!

12. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be Cinderella and live in her castle and ride in her pumpkin carriage. Oh, and be a movie star. Now I want to be able to spend a whole week in Disney World (only been once, for a day), the worlds best momma, and a somewhat successful photographer. [But I still want to spend a night in Cinderella’s castle : )]

13. Photography is my main thing, but I lovelovelove arts and crafts, scrapbooking, painting, and all that little cute artsy jazz. It makes for the best memories and moments to be proud of (and moments of zen!).

14. My itunes in organized and will FOREVER be that way. I hate music being all jumbled up to the point where I just can’t find it!

15. Zoo’s are one of my favorite places to go. I love walking around and looking at all the pretty animals. They make it so hard to take pictures of them!

16. I don’t have a favorite movie or a favorite song or band because it changes with my mood. Like currently, I’ve been listening to Paramore, Fallout Boy, and Glee nonstop and I fall asleep to Princess and the Frog almost every night.

17. I still sleep in a twin sized bed.

18. I have two brothers, the youngest I call Beaker. He has like, 6 nick names and they all start with B, and his name is really Taylor.

19. I’m pretty different from most  all the people I’m related to.

20. I’m not a big alcohol drinker. One drink and I’m pretty much done for the night. Alcohol just makes me sleepy.

21. My favorite holidays are Halloween and Christmas. I lovelovelove getting dressed up as someone different every year and taking tons of pictures and taking my brother trick or treating…and Christmas is obvious. It’s super nice to get to spend time with family and eat lots of good food!

22. I’m a super huge dreamer. My head is usually always in the clouds. Yeah my feet are on the ground, but sometimes they wish they were in the clouds with my head!

23. I’m really not the biggest fan of birds. But I love creativity when it involves birds (especially when I’m thinking about a bird tattoo), I just, don’t like living birds.

24. Cheesecake is such a drug it’s riDONKulous! (haha!)

25. Still very much a Disney girl and a Pixar fan. I choose those movies over everything else.

26. I love to shop. I would thrift more often, but our thrift stores here in my city are, well, cruddy as all get out. They never have anything good! Plus, the only GOOD thrift store we had burnt down because she had clothes piled all the way up to the ceiling. Sad sad day.

27. I’m a daycare teacher. I love my job, but you run the risk of getting burnt out if you don’t take care of yourself and take time off every 6 months or so.

28. Musicals and broadways are a mild obsession of mine. I’ve seen 2 Chicago broadway productions (Beauty and the Beast, Wicked) and reallllllllllly hope I get to see one or two in New York at some point in my life!

29. I’m paranoid. Like, windows all have to be shut at night and doors all locked.

30. I wish I owned more books.

31. I want to live in the country someday.

32. Etsy, amazon, and modcloth, and Redvelvet Art are REALLY bad websites for me to visit regularly. I almost ALWAYS buy something!

33. I’m extremely tempted to buy all seasons of Fraggle Rock, Big Bang Theory, and Ghost Hunters from the mall. Oh, and Diner’s Drive In’s and Dives!

34. Sunday nights are AFV nights. EVERY Sunday.

35. I talk. A lot. and I sing almost as much as I talk.

36. I take at least two cameras with me everywhere.

37. I chew gum like there’s no freaking tomorrow!

38. It’s my goal to own a DSLR camera by the end of this summer before Liz and I ship out for Renegade!

39. My twin sister/best friend/penpal of 10 years lives in Minnesota and we haven’t met yet.

40. I haven’t lost or gained weight since high school. Isn’t that crazy?

That’s all for now…


Bear ears bought on Redvelvet : )

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Of pretty things

I’m not sure why, but I felt like looking for pretty rings the other day and I wanted to post my favorite ones : ) Also, none of these rings are mine. I saved a lot of pictures, I’ll get the sources up as soon as I can relocate them again!

That will be all for this lovely Tuesday!


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pretty houses

Looking on all my favorite blogs, I found tons of pictures of lofts and rooms that I WANT to do for my own future home someday.I’ve got this creative itch and I can’t scratch it (silly lack of funds to buy materials!), so for now, enjoy the pictures : )

http://jenniferbirge.blogspot.com (gets credit for the photos!)

That’s all for now : )


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Things I love..

Here are some things that I happen to love this week : )

Isn’t this canvas simply lovely?!

Have a wonderful and creative evening : )


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This Sunday has proven to be quite interesting. I got up, not sure what I wanted to do with my day, and decided I was going to tackle the mess that formerly was my bedroom, which then turned into cleaning out the floor of my closet; that of which turned into a half finished project, because I quite frankly, have too much stuff to sift through and possibly get rid of.

Then I went into my mothers closet looking for a file folder and this is what I found:

The shirt on top of the stack says “hand glove”. It’s HUMONGOUS on me and I’m not so sure when exactly in my moms life she bought it…because she’s never been a really big woman, however, I lovelovelove it and will be wearing it all the time when it’s not super-duper hot…the 2nd shirt says “Shark Hunters” and has blood splatters and a nice bite out of the side 🙂 Sunday has proven very successful!

Now for the welt story…I’m sitting here at my computer, minding my own business…checking up on the blogs I keep up with, texting Joe and all of a sudden my brother comes up and hits me as hard as he can on my shoulder with a pencil. This was OVER AN HOUR AGO and the welt is still there!

Ah well, life goes on 🙂

Ps. I nearly forgot! I had a second date with Joe yesterday to the zoo, and it quite honestly was a lovely time 🙂 I believe it’s safe to say that I like him quite a bit and I’m not sure if I can wait until Saturday to see him again!

(All three of the zoo photos are my own work. If you wish to use it, please, ask me first and give me proper credit. The photos I post are edited and are not the original photo.)

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