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Busy busy!

Needless to say school and work have been keeping me busy, along with a little road trip with my bestie to Renegade Craft Fair via Chicagoland…here are some pictures to sum up the month so far…

It was a great weekend in Chicago with the best friend!

There is still a big list that I have to accomplish. Some shopping around…I have pictures from our Johnny Appleseed Festival that I still need to work on and get up, crafts to make, things to bake and make…while working, doing homework and student teaching.

Oh, and thinking long and hard about a tattoo.


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Life has certainly been busy.

My classroom has been getting a LOT of new kids lately, and quite honestly, Nicole and I are getting overwhelmed. It’s just so much to do…and we’re getting to the point where we’re going to need another teacher, but we can’t because even though our classroom is the biggest room in the whole daycare, we’re not approved for a third teacher.

Oh, I got my hurrrr did 🙂 I’m not OVERLY crazy about it, I don’t know how to style it, so I’ve been wearing it half up most of the time. Although I do love the color and the bangs. I’m not really used to the length and it just lays so funny sometimes that I just can’t get it to work.

The old hair…

New hair.

New hair.

I took some new photos…I had a period of time where I didn’t touch my camera…been dealing with a lot of emotions, hurt feelings, my dad leaving for East Asia for 2 weeks, etc etc etc.

All of the boccah in the last picture is real and not added in. The only editing I did to the photo was a setting that gave it that more vintage vibe. I’m insane proud of this one!


In other news, my birthday is this Friday. Since my dad is gone for it this year, I’m just going to work and probably come home to just either work out, or maybe go out and take some photos. Who knows. Nothing special though. I’ll be 22 in case you were curious.

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No, I’m not a senior in high school…but to be quite honest, the photos that I had taken then are really only so-so. I took better photos of myself with my own camera than she did on her own. It’s actually bothered me for quite some time. Seeing how I was dissatisfied.

I saw a friend of mine took his girlfriends senior photos (and actually, he’s an ex-boyfriend who and I have become better friends lately. It’s really refreshing to know we can be each others friend without anything going on between us), and I thought he could help me out and retake my senior photos. And put that dissatisfaction to rest!

Here are some of the photos he took…

Granted yeah, I’m 21, and TECHNICALLY I’m a senior in college (for my 2 year degree. Haha!) So it works out. Those are some of my absolute favorites…and the lovely weed field we went to behind a church was just GORGEOUS. I’m extremely excited about these…and I’m thinking about asking Aaron if he wants to partner up for wedding gigs. His style is very close to mine, and I think I could cover more ground if  I have a second photographer. (at least for big events)

OH! And that feather hair piece you see up there? I made that : )…hop along to Elsie’s blog to check out the tutorial!  I’m planning on making a few more here in the near future!


Which means it’s one step closer to autumn ( my favoriteeee) and my birthday, which is at the end of august. It also means school is coming up (which, I’m having issues with the financial aid office, of course. Praying I don’t have to postpone graduating, AGAIN.) Time is just flying this summer. But I’m excited. September brings Renegade Chicago with my best friend, exciting photo shoots, changing colors. and one step closer to the De Groff wedding in December!


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I came home for my break today and as I’m talking on the phone with a friend my mom yells up the stairs “Courtney, you’ve got a package!” I totally forgot what I ordered the other day on Etsy that Dan (groom for the wedding I’m doing) talked me into buying because I was thinking about it…

AHH! I’m so excited : )

Totally in love! I’ve started a vintage camera collection and hopefully I’ll be able to find more amazing cameras as time goes on!


The next item on the buy list will be saving up for a DSLR and for Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago in September : ) Which by the way, I absolutely am SOOO excited for!


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This week hasn’t really started off the best…lots of issues with the kids at work. They’re just…not doing all that great or getting along that great with their other friends. I wish there was more that I could do other than sit back and watch and hope that they get in better moods…

Yesterday was so nice work wise because we only had 3 kids and I got to get off work early….so I went to Kohls and walked around the store with over 100 bucks worth of stuff…and guess what! I didn’t walk out with a SINGLE THING! But I did almost buy this vest and tank top…

And this dress…

Although I am very proud of myself! I was able to fit into a 9 dress size when lately I’ve been between a 10 and an 11! So I’ve lost a little bit of weight all over I think! And no, it hasn’t been my goal to loose weight…I am very much comfortable with how my body looks and I really don’t see anything wrong with it (for 3 weeks out of the 4 a month…haha)…but it’s always a nice moment when you realize you fit into something smaller than what you usually wear.

Besides…I should wait to get a dress for the weddings this winter until it gets closer to winter…black dresses will be back in style then! And I might be able to find something in the fit that I want for once! It’s just so hard to dress shop…they model them off of girls who are straight bodied and not off of women who have wide hips. I can’t help it that I was born curvaceous dammit!  Now make me some dresses made for my body!

Pssh. As if…but I can dream.

Now today…was an awful day. It makes me really upset to think about it, so I’m not going to say much other than I’ve never seen my children fight as much as they did today. Only a few of them were in good moods and were somewhat easier to work with.

I get SUCH a better response from my kids when I bust out my instax camera…you wouldn’t believe how many of them were saying “cheese!” and trying to get in front of the camera. I’m so proud to introduce them to this kind of picture taking : ) their parents will looooooooove me someday for it!

Now if only this pimple that I popped would stop bleeding…that would be nice.


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