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Miss. Indie, another wonderful blog that I follow is having the ka-utest giveaway EVER! Go to her blog to check it out!

We had a bit of a monumental morning here at home…I got up, got ready for work, came downstairs and my mother told me to come to the kitchen. You see, we’ve had a mouse in the house since before I came home from vacation (and yes, they told me when I first got in the door) because dad left the garage door to the house open. He’s been running around the sink and all of our utensils, not to mention, pooping everywhere.

Ma found a genious idea; a paper towel roll balanced on the edge of the counter, a little raisin at the end, and a trashcan below to catch him….and…this is what we found!

Have a lovely day!



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I got an email from Kaylah of The Dainty Squid telling me about a super cute giveaway to enter! You can enter here for yourself on her blog!


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Another cute giveaway :)

Elycia is having another ADORABLE giveaway : ) Posting what you love to do in the summer for a chance to winn (chasing after the icecream man with my neighborkids for me!) + blogging about it gives you another entry!

Have a lovely day!


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It’s been a good weekend and it’s only Saturday morning! Came to find yesterday when I went into work that I got my full time hours for the summer, went on a lovely date with a very sweet gentlemen last night (with high hopes for something soon to happen!), getting my hair finished up today, going to Kohl’s to do some shopping for Myrtle Beach in June, and topping it off with a happy hour frappe from Starbucks.

Oh, as well as starting some of my crafts that I’ve been meaning to do. Which means I need to head to Hobby Lobby or Joanne’s and start looking for supplies! If I’m lucky, Walmart will have what I need. (But I dont have my hopes up)

Oh! And a super cute give away to look forward to;

I’ll have pictures of crafts once I get them started (and finished!)

Have a creative day!


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