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I feel like I hardly did anything so far this weekend and I’m just sooooo exhausted!

Actually, things started to get kind of crazy when I looked out the window Thursday morning before I left for work. I noticed our willow tree, Bob, had a branch that seemed a LOT lower than it was the day before while I was out in the gardens taking pictures.

Well, this is why…

So, when I got home from work Friday, I found my parents cut poor Bob’s arm down and my little brother and I spent the majority of the time “helping” in our own little way 🙂

Then today…Ma and I went garage sale-ing since it was the association garage sale…and well, she had all the luck (that I ended up paying for because she didn’t have cash) and I found NOTHING.

But I did find this (and bought) at goodwill….

And it does this…

I can’t wait to take the perfect picture to put in this photo frame! I fell in love instantly at goodwill and clutched this thing to my heart the entire way up to the counter. It just gives off that adorable country vibe, and looks absolutely LOVELY up against the green paint on my walls. Well worth the $3.12 I paid for it.

OH! And guess who’s been adopted into the world of Skype?

Yup! That would be me! I’m pretty excited. I was even more excited when I was able to set it up all by myself…even though I’m sure the gentlemen at Wal*Mart thought I was nuts for asking the questions I did. Not to mention using the word “whippersnappers” at the ripe ol’ age of 22 (well, almost.)

Oh the joys of being a daycare teacher….

Speaking of…some of my kids who left for the summer are coming back soon! I’m sooooooooo excited! We’re also getting a few kids from the other room, and I’m pumped about that too. Maybe things will calm down just a little (doubtful, but hey, I can hope!)

Lots of things are on the horizon. Lots of things to plan for and prepare for. School is starting in 2 weeks (and I’m not ready). Chicago is going to be here in a month. Photo-ops are being talked about. Lists of crafts and paintings are finding their way into the journal. A new health plan is being written up and attempting to be executed. A certain someone is being spoken to (keep your fingers crossed!)

AND, hopefully school was able to fix the financial aid problem. I’m really close to making a few angry appearances if they don’t fix it soon!

xoxoxox, loves.


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No, I’m not a senior in high school…but to be quite honest, the photos that I had taken then are really only so-so. I took better photos of myself with my own camera than she did on her own. It’s actually bothered me for quite some time. Seeing how I was dissatisfied.

I saw a friend of mine took his girlfriends senior photos (and actually, he’s an ex-boyfriend who and I have become better friends lately. It’s really refreshing to know we can be each others friend without anything going on between us), and I thought he could help me out and retake my senior photos. And put that dissatisfaction to rest!

Here are some of the photos he took…

Granted yeah, I’m 21, and TECHNICALLY I’m a senior in college (for my 2 year degree. Haha!) So it works out. Those are some of my absolute favorites…and the lovely weed field we went to behind a church was just GORGEOUS. I’m extremely excited about these…and I’m thinking about asking Aaron if he wants to partner up for wedding gigs. His style is very close to mine, and I think I could cover more ground if  I have a second photographer. (at least for big events)

OH! And that feather hair piece you see up there? I made that : )…hop along to Elsie’s blog to check out the tutorial!  I’m planning on making a few more here in the near future!


Which means it’s one step closer to autumn ( my favoriteeee) and my birthday, which is at the end of august. It also means school is coming up (which, I’m having issues with the financial aid office, of course. Praying I don’t have to postpone graduating, AGAIN.) Time is just flying this summer. But I’m excited. September brings Renegade Chicago with my best friend, exciting photo shoots, changing colors. and one step closer to the De Groff wedding in December!


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Although I haven’t necessarily done a whole lot this weekend, it was a good weekend. I went and saw Despicable Me with my brother Mike on Friday, Saturday I met at the mall with the bride of the wedding in December and FINALLY found a dress that looked good and that I liked! I also tried on a few things that I liked as well…let’s start with what I tried on but did NOT buy..

I wanted this jacket soooooooo badly…but I didn’t want to spend 30 dollars on it just yet…

The other dress I debated on!

And finally…

The dress I bought : ) I’m pretty proud of myself…I won’t lie! This is a size 9 when I usually wear an 11 (same size as my jeans) because my hips are really wide. So I was super excited when I actually fit completely comfortably in this dress!

It was really great getting to meet Katie in person instead of texting and facebooking all the time. She’s quite the beautiful lady and I can’t WAIT to take millions of pictures at her wedding of her and absolutely everything there is to take pictures of!

Then after shopping with Miss. Katie, I went to see Toy Story 3 with someone ; ) It was quite adventurous, I kept saying “Oh no!” during it and felt like I was on the edge of my seat… and I was tickled pink that it took place in a daycare (considering that’s my job and career). I’m just glad all our toys don’t come alive every night…if they do, I sure hope they’re nice to all the new toys that we bring in! Haha. I’m also very envious of how large that movie’s daycare rooms were…totally not fair! And they had lofts in every single one of them…ahhhhhh.

I’m just going to have to build my own daycare how I want it. Someday : )

Then today…I went and did a little errand shopping at Wal*Mart, grabbed some Starbucks and chatted with blue eyed Adam for a while while he was working, then came home and this happened…

Poor Beaker…I give him a pretty hard time a lot of the time…but he’s my youngest brother, and I’m the only girl…so it’s more or less my job. He has it easy, Shay-Shaw has it worse!

And this is the full outfit…I have quite the obsession with vests this year. I was happy to find that top and vest yesterday at Charlotte Reuss for a relatively decent price! They have better clothes than Kohl’s does anymore (depressing, I know)

In other news…

All the photoshoots I had planned for this weekend have to be re-scheduled. Plans change, and I’m just happy people want photos done. I’m really excited to get to them  though! I’m a bit anxious, I haven’t done a shoot in a little while now (other than flowers around my house), it’s about time I get out there and get some models or something.

I’m super excited though!

And I have the itch to travel again. Even just a weekend road trip would be amazing…I have just a little bit of jealousy towards one of my coworkers who’s in Myrtle Beach right now for a wedding this weekend. She’s sooo lucky! I’d LOVE to go back!  Maybe go to Disney too…that would be amazing as well!

Hopefully things pick up soon. I know I need to get some stuff out to my advisor/professor at school for my student teaching this coming semester…I also have a LOT of projects I want to get done, as well as saving money towards a good DSLR plus a flash and maybe an extra lens too. Cross your fingers!


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I came home for my break today and as I’m talking on the phone with a friend my mom yells up the stairs “Courtney, you’ve got a package!” I totally forgot what I ordered the other day on Etsy that Dan (groom for the wedding I’m doing) talked me into buying because I was thinking about it…

AHH! I’m so excited : )

Totally in love! I’ve started a vintage camera collection and hopefully I’ll be able to find more amazing cameras as time goes on!


The next item on the buy list will be saving up for a DSLR and for Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago in September : ) Which by the way, I absolutely am SOOO excited for!


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Miss. Indie, another wonderful blog that I follow is having the ka-utest giveaway EVER! Go to her blog to check it out!

We had a bit of a monumental morning here at home…I got up, got ready for work, came downstairs and my mother told me to come to the kitchen. You see, we’ve had a mouse in the house since before I came home from vacation (and yes, they told me when I first got in the door) because dad left the garage door to the house open. He’s been running around the sink and all of our utensils, not to mention, pooping everywhere.

Ma found a genious idea; a paper towel roll balanced on the edge of the counter, a little raisin at the end, and a trashcan below to catch him….and…this is what we found!

Have a lovely day!


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I got an email from Kaylah of The Dainty Squid telling me about a super cute giveaway to enter! You can enter here for yourself on her blog!


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It’s been kind of busy around here lately. Well, maybe not around here, but I’ve been kind of busy. My two brothers spend their days on the computer watching their web-toon Bleach, or playing video games. Beaker sometimes goes out to play with the neighbor kids every now and then, especially if his friend Hunter calls (who is sleeping on the couch in the family room right now)

Me? What do I do? I spend my days at work, then come home to eat dinner, and about 2 hours later go to bed. And on some days, I get to see Joe for about 5 hours (or less, depending). How I would LOVE to be able to stay home for just 2 days to do things I’ve been wanting to do. Thankfully vacation is getting here fast and this time on Saturday, I’ll be with the gal pals driving to South Carolina. We’re hopefully leaving before 530am so we can get to the hotel even earlier. I’m super excited but super nervous at the same time. It’s weird. I suppose I’m just nervous, I haven’t driven more than 2 hours at a time with me at the wheel, so I suppose I’m just being silly and worrying too much.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not being a debbie downer! Just thinking about things and pondering. I do that quite often on Monday’s. Not exactly sure why. I DO know that I get to see my Joe today after work, and thankfully he didn’t get sick when he came to see me on Saturday (I woke up at 3 am after getting back from Joe’s at 1:30am  feeling kind of ill and turned into a 100.1 temp for the afternoon. Joe came over anyway and laid with me in my bed and he even rented movies to watch!). I’m pretty sure it was food poisoning.  Considering it only lasted one day! And I’m also pretty sure it came from the daycare. So I’m not going to be eating lunch there this week and spare my health so that I’m not sick and have to miss work or be sick on Saturday when I have to leave.  No way no how!

Since I didn’t do much this weekend (except make an owl new sew fleece blanket) but lay in bed and feel miserable, it’ll be a busy week I’m sure! I’ve already started pulling my clothes together to pack, and I’m sure I’ll sift through them again to downsize. It’s so hard to try and pack as light as possible.

Here are some cute things!






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