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I see a world that’s blooming : )

I feel truly blessed to live in such a unique and cute house that has litterally a jungle’s worth of plants. We could be the amazon of the mid west!

What is it that makes you feel happy?

I’d have to say taking photos, owls, flowers, laughing children, cheesecake, tea,  wonderful greetings from my toddlers every morning,  foxes, crafting things, scrapbooking, flipping through old photo boxes I haven’t done anything with yet, reading letters from my penpal of 10 years now, Glee, fresh fruit, good music, great friends, beautiful dreams and goals, pretty nail polish, crayons, new journals, pretty dresses, weddings, traveling, pink flamingos, pandas, my old video IPod, cowgirl boots, painting, hula hoops, roller blades, homegrown vegetables, sarcastic family relationships, sweet wine, cats, baking, pastel colors, zoos, aquariums, sea horses, mermaids, Disney movies, dolphin search cruises, seashells, light houses, dried flowers, tattoos, Olive Garden, fireworks, lightening bugs, unique music, ripped jeans, dangle earrings, interior decorating, cuddling, reading a good book on a rainy day, thunderstorms, rainbows, Halloween, opening presents when you have no clue as to what’s inside, smiling just because, that little chuckle when someone sends you something funny via text message, rebuilding old bridges, country side, being on a boat out in the middle of the ocean, slow dancing, reading one story over and over again for an hour to my toddlers, new cameras, Polaroids and the cameras, sunsets, and lots of other things!



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All my babies at work seem to have been having rough weeks this week. I’m not quite sure what happened. Perhaps it was the long weekend? All I DO know is that there has been an increase in pushing and hitting…one of my children has pinched me three times so far this week and tried to bite me once, and successfully bit the other morning teacher once.

And then the day ends for me trying to get these kids out of my poor hair!

I’m kind of going backwards on this post, so I might as well finish it off! On Tuesday my wonderful boyfriend Joe came over after I got off of work and brought me two surprises;

He found the Polaroid camera at his parents house the other night, asked his dad if I could play with it for a little while and his dad said I could keep it! I haven’t even met the man and I already owe him a hug! The wine Joe had actually had at his brothers house for the dinner date about what? 3 weeks ago? It’s so sweet it doesn’t even taste like typical wine!

On Monday, my “little brother Mike” and I went on another adventure to the mall. Then we went to Joanne’s where I picked up supplies to make my feather hair piece that I found the tutorial on Elsie’s blog;

Unfortunately, it started to downpour right when we were getting inline to check out. (Which I ended up with 20 dollars worth of materials. Scrapbook paper, hair clips, feathers, and a new sew fleece blanket (owls!))

(this was taken at the mall after we walked through the Chef’s shop…free sample cups are fun!)

We were soaked after that 30 second trip to my car.

THEN on Sunday I finished two canvases since I couldn’t see my Joe.

This is Dilbert.

And “Believe in yourself” by Courtney Lynn, which is so far, Joe’s favorite out of all the ones I’ve done. Personally, Dilbert and Delilah are my favorite so far, but hey, everyone’s got different tastes   : )

Oh, and this is Joe!

(and my FAVORITE ring from Kaylah!)

OH! And I’m going to be repainting my room with Joe and Mike here soon (after I get back from vacation with my best friends)

I think that’s all that I can really think of right now. If I’m missing something…OH OH OH OH OH!

I have several photo shoots that I’m currently lining up. A few are models for me to practice (which I need to do SOON), I have one couple’s shot appointment for the second weekend in July, and a few others who are considering having photos done. It’s so exciting! I might be able to afford getting a good DSLR soon to get ready for the wedding this December.

Life is truly wonderful, and I have SOOOOOOO many people to thank for that. But for now, I’m going to say a broad thank-you (Thank-you!) because I’m pretty sure they know who they are.

I’ll be working on crafty things this weekend (as well as seeing that handsome Joe guy), so I’ll have pictures up hopefully on Sunday (and of Joe too). Pray that the babies today are a bit more well-behaved than they have been thus far this week. At least it’s Thursday!


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This weekend has been a complete success. Mall with brother Mike on Saturday morning, started working on a new canvas, went shopping at Target with Liz and took some really super cute polaroids with our Fuji Film Instax cameras, had a WONDERFUL date with Joe then Saturday night (I’m pretty crazy about him already…I won’t lie!)

Then Sunday Kari and I laid out in my backyard for an hour or so before heading to The Rose Gardens downtown for her photoshoot.

Here’s a little sneak peak at some of the shots I caught!

I had to sift through and edit over 500 photos. I can’t believe I took that many in just an hour and a half’s time! She really was quite the most wonderful model, and I’m so happy that she was my first willing participant! Thank you SOOOOO much Kari!

Although, it wasn’t all gold and rubies…

There is no point in taking a serious picture because I look like a LOBSTER. Not to mention I hurt soooooooo bad right now. The little giggles from my babies at work were worth it though (except for when they step on the burns…considering the whole front side of my body is [b u r n t] BURNT. Not to mention Joe is going to come over tomorrow, so I’m automatically in a good mood.

Oh, and 20 days until vacation : )

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